Project Overview:
Located in Longfield, Kent, this private garden showcases a contemporary design that overcomes the challenges posed by its tricky shape. The project incorporates a combination of materials, including large format paving, Dutch clay pavers, and thermo ash decking used for both decking and cladding elements. The garden boasts a stunning planting scheme, complemented by a large centrepiece fireplace and an elegant three-spout water feature.

Design and Features:
The design of the garden embraces a contemporary aesthetic, utilizing a variety of materials to create visual interest and functionality. The use of large format paving adds a modern touch and enhances the overall appeal of the outdoor space. Dutch clay pavers contribute to the unique character of the garden, offering a distinct pattern and texture. Thermo ash decking has been skilfully employed to create a seamless transition between the outdoor living areas and the summerhouse and garage, which are beautifully clad in the same material.

Uniqueness and Key Features:
The garden’s standout features include a centrepiece fireplace that serves as a focal point and provides warmth and ambiance during cooler evenings. Additionally, an elegant three-spout water feature adds a sense of tranquillity and creates a soothing atmosphere. These unique elements contribute to the overall aesthetic and enhance the outdoor experience for the homeowner and their guests.

Planting Scheme:
A meticulously designed and curated planting scheme adds beauty, colour, and texture to the garden. The choice of plants, carefully selected for their visual impact and seasonal interest, creates a dynamic and ever-changing landscape. From vibrant blooms to lush foliage, the planting scheme adds depth and dimension to the outdoor space, creating a harmonious environment that seamlessly blends with the contemporary design.

In summary, this private garden in Longfield, Kent, showcases a contemporary design that overcomes the challenges of a tricky shape. The use of materials such as large format paving, Dutch clay pavers, and thermo ash decking, combined with stunning planting, a centrepiece fireplace, and an elegant water feature, create a unique and inviting outdoor space. The garden perfectly balances functionality, aesthetics, and tranquillity, providing an oasis for relaxation and enjoyment


DESIGN & PLANTING by greencube design

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